For a franchise that spawned out of one man’s appreciation for nature, Satoshi Tajiri’s Pokémon isn’t the most scientifically accurate of series. Living trash bags, fighting gas lamps and a pig-nosed moomin with springs for legs: all examples of the absurd world of wonderment that makes up the Pokémon universe.

Now entering its 18th year of existence, the best-selling series — which boasts over 700 species of fictitious fauna- has never been a stranger to pastiche, plagiarism and outright parody. The latest attempt to send up the mega-successful series arrives in the form of Fox’s ADHD programming; a collection of odd, irreverent and over-the-top takes on popular culture.

Debuting online earlier this week Scientifically Accurate Pokémon continues the trend established in ADHD’s similar Spider-Man cartoon, and followed up with other unflinching looks at the likes of Thundercats, Ducktales and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Set to the iconic opening theme of the original Pokémon cartoon, this 2-minute vid shines a skeptical light on many of the series’ stranger elements, including Ash’s sleeping arrangements, Oak’s endangerment of children and the apparent value of Pikachu. Check out the full video up top.

Scientifically Accurate Pokemon 1

The use of a dog fighting analogy to represent Pokémon on Pokémon battles recalls PETA’s recent allegations against the Japanese giant, and its apparent endorsement of all things cruel and unusual in the animal kingdom. While the idea of sentient creatures being forced to fight at the hands of their masters certainly rings a bell, the series’ fantastical bent does manage to take some of the edge off these allusions.

Analogous or not, the series continues to enjoy ridiculous levels of success, selling over 260 million games and producing a whopping 16 feature-length films since 1996. The latest game to grace Nintendo‘s handhelds, Pokémon X & Y arrived for the 3DS in October of last year, quickly becoming the fastest title to 1 million sales on the quietly booming system. The series’ next outing — a playful detective title starring franchise mascot Pikachu was recently trademarked by Nintendo.

Which pocket monster would make the best real life pet? How about the worst? Are there any other Pokémon designs worthy of ridicule? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check in with all of the latest Pokémon news, right here on Game Rant.


The latest Pokémon title(s) — Pokémon X & Y are now available for the Nintendo 3DS.

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