Is Scalebound Back in Development for Xbox One?

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At one point in time, Scalebound was one of the highest profile console exclusives in development for Xbox One. After years of trailers and E3 appearances, the co-op action RPG was canceled, with Microsoft going as far as to remove all its trailers from YouTube. However, a recent discovery has led some to believe that the game has resumed development at Platinum Games.

Fans have spotted a listing for Scalebound on the Microsoft Store. The listing has existed since at least April 2018, but it's unclear if it's been available for a long while before then. Unfortunately for those who may take it as a sign that Scalebound has resumed development, though, Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft has spoken out about the listing on Twitter.

According to Greenberg, the Microsoft Store listing for Scalebound is a "very old hidden page" that can't be found using the site's search functionality. Greenberg then said he would have a team "follow-up," meaning that the page will likely be removed. However, at the time of this writing, the page can still be seen on Microsoft's website.

Despite Aaron Greenberg seemingly shooting down the possibility that Scalebound is resuming development, not all hope is lost just yet. After all, Microsoft renewed the Scalebound trademark last year, well before its renewal was actually due, so it does seem as though the company may be doing something with the IP.

One possibility is that Microsoft has handed Scalebound's development off to a different studio. While Platinum Games was the game's development studio, Microsoft owns the rights to the IP and could potentially assign another developer to finish the project. Of course, that's just speculation at this time, and until Microsoft makes any announcements itself, fans should still consider the project dead.

Still, it may be hard for those who were anticipating Scalebound before its cancellation to keep their expectations in check. It's certainly possible Microsoft is secretly gearing up for a new Scalebound reveal at E3 next month, but fans shouldn't get their hopes up.

Scalebound was in development for PC and Xbox One before its cancellation in 2017.

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