Microsoft Removes Scalebound Trailers Following Game Cancellation

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Following the cancellation of highly anticipated PlatinumGames title Scalebound, publisher Microsoft Studios has begun removing all game trailers from YouTube.

Scalebound seemed nearly too good to be true. Under development by Japanese game company PlatinumGames since 2013, Scalebound promised realistic video graphics, otherworldly gameplay, and a fantasical setting, with Sorcerian-style monsters, hydra bosses, and dragons that players could control. Since its debut by director Hideki Kamiya at E3 2014's Microsoft conference, anticipation surrounding the title grew to incredible heights. It even topped many "most anticipated games of 2017" lists. Sadly, the dream disintegrated on January 9, 2017, when Microsoft officially cancelled Scalebound.

Following the cancellation, Scalebound's intended publisher Microsoft Studios has taken to its YouTube channel to begin removing all game trailers from the site. It seems the well-known publisher intends to wipe all evidence of Scalebound's existence from its official outlets. While some Scalebound videos seem to have been deleted altogether, others have simply been marked "private" by Microsoft Studios.

The previously-released Scalebound footage includes the game's first official trailer, which is (as of the reporting time) still available to watch by alternate means, though it has been removed from Microsoft Studios' YouTube channel. Additional Scalebound videos Microsoft is scrubbing away are the game's public debuts and appearances, most notably at Gamescom 2015 and E3 2016.

With the news of cancellation breaking just a few hours ago, Microsoft is admittedly smart and quick to it in pulling Scalebound trailers from YouTube. However, in the digital age where ripping videos for personal download is as simple as plugging a URL into a website, there undoubtedly still exists footage of the cancelled game. Scalebound hopefuls have likely saved the trailers before Microsoft removed them; and if they had not yet done that, now that they are aware, they certainly will. It would not be surprising to see re-uploaded Scalebound trailers popping up again on YouTube in the coming days.

The last existing reminders of Scalebound live on in the game's official Twitter account. Neither the Xbox website nor Scalebound's homepage contain any pre-existing information on the title; the latter only mentions the cancellation announcement. Considering how swiftly and efficiently Microsoft Studios has removed Scalebound trailers and information from its sites, the game's Twitter page -- filled with now-nostalgic updates and announcements -- may soon be pulled as well.

Scalebound was originally slated for released in late 2016, but was delayed to 2017. The game was cancelled on January 9, 2017. Scalebound was intended to be exclusively available on Xbox One and Windows 10 operating systems.

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