Former Scalebound Producer Doesn't Think Switch Revival Possible

Rumor: Scalebound Cancelled

Only a short while ago it was reported that Nintendo was working on reviving a game that was once previously canceled. It was later suggested that the mysterious title was actually Scalebound, a PlatinumGames release that was originally planned to be an Xbox One exclusive. The possibility of it being revived on the Switch has sent fans of the title into an ecstatic fervor but some believe it to be very unlikely, including Scalebound's former lead producer, Jean Pierre Kellams.

According to Kellams, who left PlatinumGames in 2017 following Scalebound's cancelation, took to Twitter recently to express his doubts that the reports were true - "I don't work there anymore and haven't talked to anyone about it, but I'd highly doubt this is a thing."

He further clarified his initial reaction, stating that IP ownership and hardware differences between the Switch and Xbox One would make it difficult, adding that "At that point, it makes more sense to just make a brand new game. It’s not like Scalebound was a beloved IP. It never got a chance to be that.” Considering that the trademark for the title was renewed by Microsoft a couple of years ago, it is hard to believe that they would so easily allow what is technically their IP to appear on a Nintendo system, even if the game doesn't really exist.

Despite his claims, however, Kellams has expressed an interest to work on the game again, should the rumors be true, so he could finish what the team started, despite all the difficulties he faced during the original development.

"I can't predict the future. I hope so. I’d love to work on it again and finish what we started. But one of the reasons I left was because I didn’t see that happening. I mean, the game literally burnt me out, put me in therapy, disappointed me, made me learn a ton, pushed me to try new things and new places; all sorts of positives and negatives. But what it didn’t do is give everyone on the internet any clue what they are talking about.

While Kellam's claims do seem to hold water, it's been difficult to write this off as impossible. After all, Nintendo has formed quite a good relationship with PlatinumGames, having helped publish the likes of Bayonetta 2 and its upcoming sequel. And while Microsoft does currently hold the Scalebound IP, there are rumors of them bringing Game Pass to the Switch, meaning exclusives like Halo and Ori and the Blind Forest would be available on Nintendo's system. If that's true, maybe there's hope for Scalebound yet?

As of writing, there is no word on whether Scalebound is back in production or not.

Source: Wccftech

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