Platinum Games Reveals Action-Packed Monster Slaying With ‘Scalebound’

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Platinum Games is no stranger to over-the-top action titles. If anything, they are one of the most recognizable names in the industry when it comes to this. The newest addition to their catalogue of impressive action showcases is what looks to be a monster-slaying romp called Scalebound.

The trailer premiered as part of the Xbox E3 2014 media briefing and represents a new IP from Hideki Kamiya and Platinum Games that will see its first title releasing exclusively on the Xbox One. Showing off a dense jungle landscape in the trailer, giant beasts – one of which being a massive dragon – reign supreme and act as the predators for the sword-toting character on display. Rather than simply sit back and accept death, he does the logical thing and flips into the air donning a suit of scale-like armor and taking the fight back to his predators.

Scalebound New Title Platinum Games E3 2014

While much of the trailer looks to maintain a solid high fantasy framework which deviates slightly from Platinum Games’ usual style, there also looks to be some technological flair added in the form of the character’s headphones. With titles like The Witcher 3 also taking the fight to fearsome creatures everywhere, this unique amalgamation could help to set the title apart. Not content for the title to simply be a high-octane monster-slayer, Microsoft states:

“You’ll come face to face with fearsome creatures, including a formidable dragon–and the bond you forge with this awesome predator will prove crucial to the survival of both worlds.”

This makes it seem as though there will be an interesting narrative to accompany the action-packed gameplay that gamers have come to expect from Platinum Games. How this dragon will fit into the narrative has yet to be revealed, but if the armor that the main character possesses is any indication, there could be a closer bond at play than simple companionship. It looks as though the armor that engulfs him is made of scales, so a draconic connection is almost guaranteed.

Coming off of titles like The Wonderful 101 and the soon-to-be-released Bayonetta 2, the reveal of a title like Scalebound is not at all surprising. The game looks to have its tongue placed firmly in its cheek and doesn’t seem afraid of promising large-scale battles that place high-intensity action at the forefront. If they can retain this level of adrenaline in the gameplay, Scalebound could end up being one of the most impressive games of the coming year.

Are you excited to hear more about Scalebound? Do you think it will live up to the lofty action pedigree set by Platinum Games?

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Scalebound does not currently have a release window but will be an releasing as an Xbox One exclusive.

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