Scalebound Delayed Into 2017

Scaledbound Delay 2017

Platinum Games reveals that Xbox One exclusive Scalebound is facing a delay, with the title now set to release in 2017 in order to fulfil the developer’s ambition.

With 2016 now underway, many gamers have been spending time thinking about the most anticipated releases of the year. Over the coming months, the likes of Quantum Break and Dark Souls 3 are going to hit store shelves, with hordes of fans hoping that they will live up to the heavy expectations set. However, those looking forward to Scalebound will have to wait a while longer, as the title has been delayed until 2017.

The news was confirmed by Platinum Games, the developer of the Xbox One exclusive. Although the game was originally planned for release in the second half of 2016, unfortunately would-be players are going to have to wait a little while longer. The developer revealed the news in an update on its official site, with the game's developers explaining that the decision to delay the game was necessary for Platinum Games to deliver upon its "ambitious vision."

It seems as though the sheer scope of Scalebound has worked against its initial launch date. Platinum Games, the studio responsible for such smash hits as Bayonetta, reiterated that the delay will improve the quality of the game when it does finally launch, with the developer suggesting that the postponed 2017 release will allow the team to "bring to life all the innovative features and thrilling gameplay experiences" that have been planned. With Scalebound delivering four player dragon-riding combat, a level of polish will certainly be required for the game to succeed.

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The developer was quick to reiterate that although development has not quite stuck to schedule, the game has not hit any roadblocks just yet. "Development on the game is going well and we’re really happy with how it’s coming together," read the statement, which continued to confirm that "it’s the game our team has always dreamed of making." Apparently, Platinum Games is also planning to showcase the game this year at a later date.

Scalebound was initially shown at E3 2014, to the excitement of fans of the Bayonetta franchise. With Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya at the helm, many were hoping that the game would hit the same ambitious highs as Platinum Games’ prior project. With such a huge scope for the game, however, it's no surprise to see the game struggle to meet development deadlines.

Unfortunately, the dragon-riding title has become the first big software delay casualty of the new year. In recent times, many other games have been hit with heavy delays, with the huge scope of AAA games ever expanding. Let's hope that the game lives up to its expectation as one of the best exclusive titles of the Xbox One when it finally arrives.

Source: Platinum Games

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