Scalebound Co-Op Gameplay Trailer and Details Revealed


During Microsoft's E3 2016 presentation, Platinum Games shows off some co-op multiplayer gameplay footage for its forthcoming action-RPG title Scalebound.

As many fans had hoped, Scalebound was featured during Microsoft's E3 2016 press conference, and the developer Platinum Games detailed the ambitious scale of its forthcoming action-RPG. Not only did the studio detail its release on PC as a part of the plan for Xbox Play Anywhere, but it also showed its "biggest ever boss fight," with a co-op gameplay demo for the title at the event.

If the trailer below is indicative of the title's final product, then Scalebound is set to have some absolutely massive battles with a heavy emphasis on the mixture of magic-based combat with melee weaponry. Plus, fans should find that the action-RPG's protagonist Dante-like personality will dispense plenty of quips and attitutde throughout the entirety of the game.


As many fans of Scalebound are probably aware, Platinum Games has released a gameplay trailer involving co-op in the past, featuring four players, huge monsters, as well as an absolutely gigantic world. Of course, today's footage builds upon these previously revealed details, and shows an even more polished project replete with over-the-top action simply by focusing on one boss battle.

Prior to Scalebound's gameplay trailer at this year's E3, the last bit of concrete details we received regarded its delay into 2017. As of now, Platinum Games' action-RPG still doesn't have an exact release date set in stone. However, as the year progresses, the studio will surely announce its official launch time soon enough.

scalebound girl protagonist change

For those unaware, Scalebound was announced during E3 2014, which means that the game has been in development for quite some time. Interestingly enough, the Platinum Games-developed title skipped 2015's iteration of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in favor of a full reveal at gamescom. Now, it seems as if developers are on the right track, and are close to finishing Scalebound before its nebulous 2017 release window.

While we wait for more of Scalebound to be revealed, it's important to note that anything shown during events like E3 are always subject to change. For instance, the action-RPG's hero was a female at one point in development, so it's possible for Platinum Games to make plenty of refinements and alterations to Scalebound's gameplay before its official release.

What did you think about the Scalebound multiplayer co-op gameplay trailer at E3 2016? Was the combat engaging enough for you, or do you think it's missing something? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Scalebound currently lacks an exact release date, but it's expected to drop sometime in 2017 for the Xbox One.

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