Not sure if you heard about this, but Nintendo is developing a new console to surpass the Wii. No big deal. There have been tons of rumors as to just what features the system will contain, from having Blu-ray support to a new touchscreen controller. With the aim of appeasing the “hardcore” game, it’s also said to support a large number of third-party games and the triple-A ones that hit the competitor platforms, the most most recent possibility being Battlefield 3.

Nintendo finally came forward, confirming that the new console will be playable at E3 this year, but do all the third-party stories have any merit to them? Well, once you hear what Satoru Iwata has to say, you’ll certainly believe so.

Interestingly enough, Nintendo suffered a dip in profits as confirmed to shareholders the other day, which seems to coincide with the belief that the Wii 2‘s announcement couldn’t have come at a better time. Nintendo Chief Executive, Satoru Iwata, came forward after this bit of news and discussed his regrets with not allying with more companies to properly promote the Wii. It’s not exactly clear what he meant, but perhaps he’s referring to the oft-mentioned complaint of the Wii not having a lot of third-party support.

Regardless, Iwata said that he saw the mistake they made and realized that Nintendo couldn’t be completely self-reliant anymore. He also promised that Nintendo would forge alliances with other companies in the near future, in order to promote both the upcoming Wii 2 and the Nintendo 3DS. This thought process would definitely be a step in the right direction in the eyes of many gamers, but we’ll just have to see how things turn out.

Still, this does lend some credence to the stories about the numerous third-party companies interested in developing for the Wii 2. In addition to the aforementioned Battlefield 3 being a possibility, there was also the story of Retro Studios working on an unnamed project and, biggest of all, the rumor that Grand Theft Auto V could be developed for the system. While initially, these all seemed like stories with very little chance of truth to them, if Nintendo does focus on working with other companies for the Wii 2 and 3DS, maybe these stories and more could become reality.

Do you think Iwata meant that the newest Nintendo systems would have better third-party support than the Wii? Does this confirm the various stories about upcoming third-party games for the Wii 2?

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Source: Reuters

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