Samsung Forces Video of GTA 5 Galaxy Note 7 Mod to Be Taken Down

GTA 5 Samsung Galaxy Explodes

Samsung issues a DMCA takedown against the original video showcasing the Grand Theft Auto 5 mod that converts C4 explosives into a Galaxy Note 7 phone.

Grand Theft Auto V is home to a wide variety of notorious mods that suit the parodical humor found in the game series. However, one recent mod has apparently irked Samsung, who has now decided to call for the removal of a YouTube video featuring the mod.

The mod in question is the model swap that changes sticky bombs into a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. While the mod is just a bit of harmless fun that fits in pretty well with the sardonic humor of the Grand Theft Auto series, apparently Samsung isn't laughing. The original video highlighting the mod has now been taken down via a DMCA complaint issued by Samsung itself. However, if Samsung intends to completely remove evidence of the mod's existence from YouTube, its work is far from done, as many other videos have since popped up with gameplay featuring the mod.

The mod, of course, stems from the recent controversy surrounding Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 phone. The phone was recalled and has now been completely discontinued due to the explosive nature of the phone's battery. Following the phone's recall, the Oculus pulled support for the Galaxy Note 7. While some people have been hurt by these phones catching fire, the GTA modder clearly took some creative inspiration by it, turning it into a quick sticky bomb mod for the game.


It remains to be seen if the creator of the video will try to fight against the DMCA claim. Since they didn't lift the model from any official Samsung property, the video should be allowed to be on YouTube. However, DMCA claims are notoriously difficult to fight against, and the creator may simply decide it's not worth their time. In any case, Samsung's DMCA claim may mean that it will make an effort to take down the mod itself, so gamers who are interested in trying it out should consider downloading it soon.

Samsung is struggling with plunging shares and serious harm to its reputation among consumers, but it doesn't seem like taking down a simple YouTube video making fun of the problem is the way to correct it. Anyone who has seen the news, boarded a plane, or has paid attention to social media at all surely knows about the phone's explosive nature, so a joke video created to showcase a mod doesn't seem to add a whole lot to the controversy. Among gamers - particularly Grand Theft Auto fans - this knee-jerk reaction from Samsung could actually potentially harm its reputation further.

Grand Theft Auto V is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: The Verge

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