'Saints Row: The Third' DLC 'Genkibowl VII' Coming January 17th

As promised, the first in a three set of DLC missions for Saints Row: The Third has been announced for a January 17th release. Titled Genkibowl VII, this DLC package will see the return of not just the man-cat Professor Genki, who players encountered during his Super Ethical Reality Climax, but the over the top antics of Saints Row: The Third.

To help illuminate that point THQ has released some new screenshots and a brief trailer that show the four events that the leader of the Saints will be taking part in. Those four events in question are titled Sexy Kitten Yamgasm, Sad Panda Skyblazing, Apocolypse Genki, and Super Ethical PR Opportunity. If you haven’t already heard: Saints Row: The Third is insane.

Among the crazy situations that Volition’s latest places at players' footsteps are a maze littered with live sharks, the chance to embody the sad panda, and trying to survive a giant ball of yarn. But hearing about the Genkibowl VII isn’t nearly as fun as getting a brief taste of it, which we have for you below.


After Genkibowl VII, there are still two other promised DLC “missions” that should be hitting some time before the first half of 2012 is up. Our hope, when the DLC was announced, was that Volition would be able to deliver the same exciting content that the single player in Saints Row: The Third did.

While the brief flashes of Genkibowl VII seem compelling enough, the verdict is still out on whether the next two DLC offerings will keep up the trend.

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If you’ve yet to check out Saints Row: The Third, we highly recommend you give it a chance. Those Cherished Memories trailers might have sold the game as a series of extremely disposable scenarios, but the complete package features some of the more unique gameplay scenarios I’ve encountered in a video game, ever. Go in for Genkibowl VII, but stay for all of the rest.

Are you ready to return to Steelport for Genkibowl VII? What are your hopes for the next two Saints Row DLC offerings?

Saints Row: The Third is out now for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.



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