Next 'Saints Row: The Third' DLC 'Gangstas in Space' Gets Release Date

Saints Row The Third Gangstas in Space Release Date

While the first DLC side mission for Saints Row: The Third, the Genkibowl VII, failed to hit the mark in terms of continuing the same off-the-wall insanity that the main game left, it was assumed that the next DLC would be a much better offering. That DLC, titled Gangstas in Space, has now received a release date, and it's right around the corner.

Since Gangstas in Space does pick up after the events of one of the game's two endings, it goes without saying that spoilers for the main campaign of Saints Row: The Third will follow, but for those just looking for a release date and price the DLC will release on February 21 and set you back $6.99. For those that already opted into the Saints Row Season Pass, which includes a couple DLC costumes, and three promised side missions, it will, of course, be free.

As far as the story for Gangstas in Space goes, it picks up with the Saints almost finished on the sci-fi film they were working on at the end of the main game. Still playing as the big boss, it is up to the player to participate in some zany sequences to get this highly anticipated film finished.

The Gangstas in Space sequence in Saints Row: The Third wasn't anything too mind-blowing — not when compared to the Deckers Must Die mission at least — but the potential is still there. Genkibowl VII was more of a series of ancillary mini-games rather than a fully realized narrative experience, but this seems to be more up Volition's alley.

Gangstas in Space Promo Poster

Specifics are still pretty slim for Gangstas in Space, but if THQ's marketing plan keeps in line with what they have established so far, a trailer for the DLC should be en route very soon. Once again, if you've yet to check out Saints Row: The Third we implore you to give it a chance, and then be on the look out for a review of this DLC to see if it is also worth checking out.

After the first DLC disappointed, are you ready for Gangstas in Space? Would you like to see DLC continue after Volition's planned slate of offerings is released?

Saints Row: The Third — Gangstas in Space releases February 21, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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