'Saints Row' Publisher Not Worried About 'GTA5,' Releases New Trailer

Saints Row The Third vs GTA5

We knew it was coming, but it still hit like an atom bomb. The debut trailer for Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto 5 tore through the Internet yesterday, sending the assembled masses into paroxysms of speculation and delight. Still, stunning as the trailer is, the game's release date remains anyone's guess (although we have a theory).

Grand Theft Auto may be the uncontested King of open-world games, but there are a number of pretenders to the throne, none more possessed of its own bizarre personality than Saints Row. With GTA5 on the horizon, is Saints Row: The Third publisher THQ worried that players will abandon plans for a trip to Steelport in favor of an extended stay in Los Santos? According to THQ CEO Brian Farrell, not one bit.

Farrell addressed the "GTA5 issue" head on in a Q&A session with investors yesterday, offering his perspective on what makes Saints Row: The Third unique.

"I went online like everyone to see the GTA trailer... it's a high quality trailer and I think it's going to be another fantastic game in the GTA series."

"That said, it also shows the completely different positioning of the two games. GTA is still serious and character driven - a very different experience. Saints Row - if you saw our video today - it shows you all the crazy stuff in the game. It's a totally different positioning and if you read the forums it's like 'hey, I love GTA, and I love this game because it's a very different game that knows what it is and is very entertaining."

Farrell's appraisal of the products' differing strengths is right on target -- Saints Row has only gotten wilder over the course of its run, while Grand Theft Auto has, if anything, become ever more literary in its approach to storytelling.

Literary aspirations are not exactly the vibe one gets from the trailer Ferrell mentioned, a Cherished Memory that takes a musical joyride. To further drive home the attitude that sets Saints Row apart from GTA, THQ and developer Volition have released yet another trailer. Check it out below.



We are less than two weeks away from the release of Saints Row: The Third, so we'll know soon enough whether Farrell's predictions prove accurate. In the mean time, the game's Initiation Station character creator is available for download from Xbox Live and PSN.

Ranters, has your first glimpse of Grand Theft Auto 5 dulled your interest in Saints Row: The Third? Could the GTA5 trailer actually help Saints Row at retail? Let us know what you think!

Saints Row: The Third releases November 15, 2011, for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and OnLive.


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Source: Cinemablend

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