'Saints Row: The Third,' 'Inversion,' & 'JForce: Unstoppable' Trailers

Saints Row The Third Inversion JForce Unstoppable Trailers

This is it, the holiday games season is fully underway. While a massive deluge of holiday titles rains down on retailers across the land, new game trailers are hitting the net almost faster than players can watch them. Leading the charge today are new looks at Volition's way, way over-the-top Saints Row: The Third, Namco Bandai's gravity-defying Inversion, and JForce: Unstoppable, an XBLA/mobile title from (who else?) JForce Games.

The good people at Volition have not exactly been shy about showing off Saints Row: The Third (you've seen the latest Cherrished Memories trailer, right?), and why should they be? Despite this week's mega-ton announcement of Grand Theft Auto V, the fact is that Saints Row has the open-world genre all to itself this November -- and is doing some very strange things with it. Need proof? Check out the game's latest trailer, featuring not only the inimitable Professor Genki, but also the surreal comedy stylings of Adult Swim's Tim and Eric. Check it out below.


Saber Interactive might not be a household name, but that could certainly change in the coming months. The developer's work is front and center in the trailer that accompanied the announcement of "Hang 'Em High" returning for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, but it is the forthcoming Inversion that could really put them over the top. While the last Inversion trailer asked that players prepare for motion sickness, today's look at the game is designed to teach the fundamentals of defensive strategy. Take a look below to begin preparing for the the game's February 2012 release.


It's not very often that we get an early look at a brand new game from an upcoming developer, but that is exactly what we have today with JForce: Unstoppable. In addition to XBLA and mobile platforms, the game is bound for PC and Mac. While JForce: Unstoppable's art-style is intentionally simple, the game itself certainly looks like all kinds of fun -- particularly the "portal" mechanic. The developers promise 40 unique weapons, online co-op, and a level editor, which should all help to keep the game fresh. Take a first look at JForce: Unstoppable below.


Like what you see? Pre-order discounts and beta access for JForce: Unstoppable are available until November 12th via the developer's Kickstarter campaign.

Which of these three games are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments below.

Saints Row: The Third releases November 15, 2011, for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.Inversion releases February 7, 2012, for the Xbox 360 and PC.JForce: Unstoppable is targeting a late 2012 release for XBLA, PC, Mac, and mobile platforms.


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