Create Your First Cherished Memory in 'Saints Row: The Third' Trailer

Saints Row The Third Cherished Memory Trailer

What is there to say about Saints Row: The Third that hasn’t already been said about countless other games where you can literally scoop citizens off the ground and shoot them into the air? Wait, what?

Apparently there’s actually plenty more that Saints Row: The Third has to say before it hits next month, including releasing a trailer collection dubbed 'cherished memories' -- the first of which we have for you today. Now, cherished memories in most people’s books would be a birth or a marriage. In the world that Volition has created for Saints Row: The Third, it’s not so simple.

Much like the first teaser trailer for the game, this ‘Cherished Memories’ trailer is subtle in its brilliance, and might even be a little off-putting to some. But for us, it’s extremely entertaining. Check it out:

As you can now see, the first cherished memory that Volition and THQ want gamers to hold desperately onto is the first time they used exploding pistol ammo to juggle an energy drink mascot and then humped the air while his lifeless body plummeted back to earth. You know? Typical daily routine type stuff.

In all seriousness, though, this is definitely a game to watch. While it’s not overtly focused on in this brief trailer, the game does have a lot to offer in terms of variety. A promise to closer emulate the visual style of Grand Theft Auto has yielded a cleaner looking game, but one that still preserves the trademark humor of its predecessors.

Providing tons of surprises as far as gameplay scenarios are concerned makes focusing on little side moments like this all the more entertaining.

Sure, it would be good to see more gameplay trailers like the one that started first in an airplane, and then ended up outside said airplane, but clearly Volition know what they have on their hands: a really fun and dynamic open-world sandbox for players to create their own memorable moments in.

What do you think of this first cherished memory from the world of Saints Row: The Third? What is your most cherished memory from the first two games?

Saints Row: The Third releases November 15, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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