It's Mascot Baseball in 'Saints Row: The Third' Cherished Memory Trailer

Saints Row The Third Cherished Memory 3 Trailer

We’re back for another edition of Saints Row: The Third’s Cherished Memories trailer series, a series that has brought us juggling mascots and a Running Man inspired reality competition. For this week’s Cherished Memory, developer Volition thought they would pay homage to the World Series and, at the same time, give gamers a little more mascot carnage.

There’s nothing like the feeling of hitting your first home run, throwing the first perfect game, or even just getting a solid hit. But what if you didn’t have a ball…or a bat…or even a field. What would you do then? This trailer tries to answer that question.

Obviously, Saints Row: The Third doesn’t have the same type of hardcore baseball experience as a title like MLB 2K11, but what it lacks in realism it more than makes up for in creativity.


Saints Row: The Third’s version of baseball yet again involves an ornately dressed mascot (this time a hot dog) being rocketed into the sky via a sonic wave gun, and then smacking head first into a Saints billboard. I’d say that’s a home run.

The first two Cherished Memories — energy drink mascot juggling and Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax — focused more on the traditional combat of Saints Row: The Third, but this third trailer gives a taste of the more advance weaponry that will be available to the player.

In fact, not too long ago players were treated to closer look at the S.T.A.G., a police force within Steelport that uses everything from hover jets to these sonic wave guns. But, being the leader of the Saints, it wouldn’t be fair unless the player was able to get their hands on one and reek some carnage.

Thus far the Saints Row Cherished Memory trailer series hasn’t provided much insight into the story or the world of the game, but instead a closer look at the humorous situations one can get involved in. They have certainly received a laugh or two, so bring on more.

What are some of the other zany things you can think of doing with a sonic wave gun? Why does Saints Row: The Third keep picking on mascots?

Saints Row: The Third releases November 15, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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