New 'Saints Row: The Third' Cherished Memory Takes a Musical Joy Ride

Saints Row The Third Cherished Memory Joy Ride

And we’re back again to bring you another Saints Row: The Third Cherished Memory. In the last memory, gamers have been treated to the unveiling of the Initiation Station, an extensive player creator that is available for download now on all major platforms.

What’s important about the Initiation Station in the context of today’s Cherished Memory for Saints Row: The Third is that the zombie voice players will hear sing along to Sublime’s “What I Got” is completely programmable for their own character. There is only a small set of voices available in the Initiation Station, but with one of them being a zombie voice, it’s going to make choosing between being serious and goofy a tough decision.

To hear, not really see, what your character would sound like with a zombie voice, check out today’s Saints Row: The Third Cherished Memory below:


If developer Volition has incorporated moments like this -- where the characters interact with their surroundings in such a detailed way -- into every bit of the game it will be yet another triumph thrown into this very expansive game.

Not too underplay the vocal duet that takes place, but what has us more excited is the car customization, seen in the trailer taking place at “Rim Jobs.” Like the Initiation Station, it appears that Rim Jobs offers a wide breadth of customization options like spiked tires and body kits. Add on top of that a very layered series of color options and we surmise that no one car will look the same in the world of Saints Row: The Third.

Yes, today also saw the release of the first Grand Theft Auto V trailer, but that game is a ways off from releasing. Saints Row: The Third on the other hand is less than two weeks away, and it’s going to be awesome.

How do you plan to trick out your ride in Saints Row: The Third? Do you think the zombie voice is too goofy to be taken seriously throughout the entirety of the game?

Saints Row: The Third releases November 15, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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