Fight Off a Zombie Horde in 'Saints Row: The Third' Cherished Memory

Saints Row Cherished Memory Trailer 7

And we’re going rapid fire now with these Saints Row: The Third Cherished Memory trailers, this one featuring a sex toy wielding protagonist and a wave of chasing zombies. As one of the game’s more unique weapons, the sex toy bat actually employs surprisingly realistic physics and seems to be dole out some pretty serious destruction.

What can’t be gleaned from the trailer is whether or not these zombies are part of Saints Row: The Third’s horde mode or if they are just another whacky rival gang up against the Third Street Saints.

Since, as indicated by the first details about the horde mode, players will be up against an ever-increasing variety of enemies from midgets to angels our bet is on this zombie onslaught not appearing in the main game. But when a triple-A title features a giant cat-man who hosts a death maze reality competition, you could say that all bets are off.

Also in the trailer, there is a nod to a few more of the wardrobe choices players will have at their disposal in the game’s Initiation Station — which is available to download on all major platforms — namely the bathrobe and the high heels. There are a whole slew of weirder outfits than a bathrobe to choose from, but this one just makes sense.


These Cherished Memories don’t seem to quit, and with each day bringing us closer to the release of Saints Row: The Third, it has us questioning what strange, yet interesting, scenario we will be treated to next. Yesterday’s was all about car customization and today’s was about beating off a zombie horde with a sex toy bat. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see what the next Cherished Memory will bring.

Is there anything Saints Row: The Third doesn’t allow players to do? Which of the game’s seven Cherished Memories has been your favorite thus far?

Saints Row: The Third releases November 15, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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