'Saints Row: The Third' Bat Censored for Japanese Gamers

Saints Row The Third Bat Censored in Japan

Among the many whacky scenarios and characters that make up the foundation of Saints Row: The Third there stands out one particular weapon that has made the rounds as this iteration’s iconic landmark. That weapon in question gamers have all probably seen before (so we won’t go into any detail describing it), but just in case, it was featured in one of the Saints Row: The Third Cherished Memory trailers.

But this news story isn’t to talk about this bat, it’s to say that some gamers won’t even know the comedic and developmental effort that went into bringing The Penetrator to life.

According to THQ, developer Volition had to alter the make up and physics of The Penetrator in order to comply with Japanese guidelines, which prohibit any depiction of genital parts in video games. Obviously, if you’ve seen the trailer you would know that there is a lot of exaggeration on display with the weapon, but there is also some painstaking detail being injected into both the look and movement as well.

It’s unfortunate that Japanese gamers won’t get to fully experience The Penetrator, but that doesn’t mean many of Saints Row: The Third’s other whacky moments won’t be on display. In fact, there is one particular character, Professor Genki, who feels like a clever nod to those crazy Japanese stunt shows.

Game Informer was able to procure a screenshot of The Penetrator sans detail and physics, which we have provided below:

Saints Row The Third Penetrator Censored

With Saints Row: The Third only a couple of days away, it’s high time that gamers stop seeing all the crazy scenarios the game offers, and start experiencing them. Sure, some of the game’s Cherished Memories have kept anticipation high, but nothing can supplant anticipation more than loading up your created character and taking them for a spin.

How do you feel about Japanese guidelines causing Volition to alter the look and movement of The Penetrator? Are you looking forward to getting your hands on Saints Row: The Third?

Saints Row: The Third releases November 15, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: Game Informer

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