New Saints Row Reveal Coming Later Today?

Deep Silver Teases Major Announcement for This Year's E3 - Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell cover

There's word that a AAA project by a major developer is set to be revealed later on today, and all signs point towards the game being a new Saints Row sequel.

E3 is still a little over a week away, but we're already seeing the news cycle accelerate as a result. Several studios are choosing to unveil their new projects ahead of time so they can dive straight into further details at the show — nd it seems that Saints Row developer Volition is among that number.

Early this morning, a tweet from IGN's Ryan McCaffrey revealed that the site was going to reveal a 'new AAA game from a major developer' today.


This was later followed up by a post on NeoGAF from user shinobi602, who said "glad to see IGN reveal it out of their own volition" — with that last word surely being a nod to the developer. In the past, shinobi602 has been ahead of the curve with information like this year's Call of Duty instalment being set in the future, according to a report from Videogamer.

So, we know that a big reveal is coming today, and all signs point toward Volition being the developer. Given that it's been three years since the series' last mainline instalment, there's ample reason to believe that the game is a new sequel to Saints Row.

Saints Row and Red Faction are the only franchises Volition has access to that would really qualify for a AAA project. Given that Red Faction: Armageddon was a commercial disappointment back in 2011, it follows that the studio would return to Saints Row rather than the martian action series.

However, there's a slim chance that this big reveal could actually center around a new IP. That would explain why Volition is eager to unveil the project ahead of E3, as audiences could be made familiar with the concept before a more in-depth look at the game takes place at the show.

In this case, it seems that we might be about to see what Agents of Mayhem is all about. A string of clues uncovered the project several weeks ago, but there's no way to tell whether the game is about ready for its first public showing, or still amid the early stages of development.

Fortunately, there's not long to wait before the grand unveiling of whatever this project turns out to be. An announcement is expected to hit at 11AM EST — so until then, speculation will no doubt be running wild.

Source: Videogamer

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