Saints Row 4 is a sequel that doesn’t shy away from ambition. It knows when to go all out and when to reel it in, and it also knows what its audience expects from the game.

As a result, developer Volition was able to create a game that basks in the absurd — that bucks realism in favor of pure, unadulterated fun. And a lot of that fun comes from the game’s super powers.

While viewers have already seen how Saints Row 4 opens, this video is to show how the game’s wildly unique and inventive powers evolve over time. A lot of Saints Row 4‘s promotional materials have been focused the game’s humor, and how the super powers complement that humor, but the super powers actually turn the game’s open world into its own mini-game.

Leaping from rooftops, seeking out every last collectible, and causing all sorts of mayhem has never been more fun than in a game like Saints Row 4, and it’s all because of the powers. They start out very simple — super speed, super jump, hovering — and they only get more and more outrageous from there.

Saints Row 4 Gameplay Video Weapons Super Powers

And, for those players who get bored by the powers, Volition has also thrown in some absolutely zany weapons like the dubstep gun and the inflato ray. The game’s arsenal might not have anything as bold as a “marital aid bat,” but it still delivers plenty of laughs.

However, as we noted in our review, the super powers and weapons in Saints Row 4 can only get you so far. Sure, treating the game like inFAMOUS meets Crackdown has its merits, but the game’s storyline missions should be the main focus, and unfortunately they are somewhat lacking.

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What do you think of the powers in Saints Row 4? Is running and jumping around virtual Steelport enough to make this game worthwhile?

Saints Row 4 is out now for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.