While the news surrounding Volition‘s sequel Saints Row IV may have first focused on its origins as DLC for Saints Row 3, this game is shaping up to be a one of a kind adventure. Fans already know they’ll be stepping into the shoes of the President of the United States in the series’ fourth entry, and a new trailer shows what responsibilities will accompany the office.

Forget Secret Service; this President – the player’s character imported from Saints Row 3 – is capable of handling his own personal security. While also dealing out violence and super-power-fueled insanity to any who get in his way. Namely, aliens.

The newest Saints Row IV trailer from Volition and Deep Silver wastes no time in reminding fans that the studio’s new corporate structure hasn’t affected their sense of humor. With testicle jokes, profanity and yes, dubstep, it’s clear the new path set with Saints Row 3 is one the developers intend to follow for the foreseeable future. In that game’s universe, it’s no surprise to see the American President tasked with defending the world(?) from an alien invasion.

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Those aliens are of course known as The Zin, a varied race of extraterrestrials that range from offering players a means to unleash their super-powers, to seriously challenging enemy types. We’d like to think there’s no enemy too powerful to be subdued by the aptly named ‘Dubstep Gun’ featured in the game, but some of the alien invaders might be up to the task.

Besides giving a look at the Uncle Sam suit included with the Commander in Chief Edition of the game, the trailer once again reminds us that while Saints Row IV may have started its life as DLC, it’s now an entirely different animal. The developed have spoken in the past about just how much of the original ‘Enter the Dominatrix’ DLC had to be scrapped or rewritten, and with each new look at gameplay, our concerns over this game being simply a padded-out expansion are disappearing.

Are you as convinced that the open world, super-powers, enemy types and unique weaponry will be making Saints Row IV an even bigger and more memorable experience than its predecessor? Or is one irreverent and crass action game enough to tide you over for a few years?

Saints Row 4 releases August 20, 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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