‘Saints Row 4’ Sells 1M Units; Grass Roots DLC Available Today

By | 3 years ago 

Gamers better get prepared for more Saints Row, because this franchise isn’t going anywhere.

While Volition‘s super-powered, open world sandbox game, Saints Row 4, has only been out for a few weeks, the title is already selling extremely well. For starters, Saints Row 4 has already sold through 1 million units at retail and has already tripled the first week PC sales tally for its predecessor, Saints Row the Third.

Saints Row 4 is also doing very well internationally, making it to the top of the charts in the UK and Germany. Yes, it may be banned in Australia, but apparently a ton of international gamers are enjoying the simple pleasures of the dubstep gun.

Needless to say, Saints Row 4 is a success, further justifying publisher Deep Silver’s purchase of the IP from THQ. Although Deep Silver purchased a product that was nearly finished in Saints Row 4, they were also betting big that the franchise would continue to grow.

Saints Row 4 Presidential Pack

After Saints Row the Third took gamers by storm, there was an assumption that whatever Volition did for a follow-up would be even more zany and ambitious. And, as you know from our review, Volition quite literally shoots for the stars in Saints Row 4.

It’s a good thing Saints Row 4 is selling well because Volition has quite the DLC plan for this sequel. Volition’s Steve Jaros outlined that plan briefly during the Saints Row 4 panel at Comic-Con, and the first piece of costume content has hit digital storefronts today.

The Grass Roots DLC pack offers players a chance to unleash their inner country boy or girl as they don overalls and daisy dukes. The DLC pack also includes a bevy of homemade weaponry including a crude shotgun, assault rifle, and a plunger launcher. Check out the trailer for the Grass Roots pack and the Presidential pack — both available today for $2.99 — in the trailer below:

As was previously mentioned, the first story-based DLC should hit Saints Row 4 in a couple of weeks (45 days after launch according to Jaros) and will be titled Enter the Dominatrix. Jaros bills the DLC as a mockumentary-style look at the content that was cut from the game. Presumably the DLC will feature a lot of the ideas that were supposed to go into the original Enter the Dominatrix DLC for Saints Row 3 before it was cancelled.

Hopefully, the DLC for Saints Row 4 can top the decidedly lackluster offerings that Saints Row the Third featured. But, if nothing else, there is sure to be a bigger audience for post-game content.

Were you one of the 1 million+ gamers that picked up Saints Row 4? Will you be buying the Grass Roots or Presidential DLC packs?

Saints Row 4 is out now for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.