Certifiably insane sandbox title Saints Row IV is a wrap! With work now complete on the sophomoric franchise’s latest entry, publisher Deep Silver is quickly turning its attention towards the game’s post-release incentives.

Commander-in-Chief among these is the title’s DLC Season Pass feature, a discount content set comprising two mission packs and an exclusive, bundle-only armament. This so-called ‘Rectifier’ anal probe weapon appears to be the spiritual successor to Saints Row 3’s controversial ‘Penetrator’ bat – an assault stick so offensive it wound up being completely reworked for the title’s Japanese release.

Continuing the series’ proud tradition of riling up the Australian ratings board, the new weapon has already contributed to an indefinite delay of the game down-under, as developer Volition attempts to retool the title for milder tastes.  Aussie policy makers assert that the game’s non-contextualized displays of sexual deviancy and drugs-as-payment incentive are both in direct violation of the nation’s ethical entertainment coda, making Saints Row IV the first title to be refused classification since the country adopted its new 18+ Adult Only rating back in January.

Saints Row 4 Season Pass

Volition hopes to unleash its first narrative pack, entitled ‘Enter the Dominatrix’ October 4 2013. The much-delayed add-on was originally envisaged as a standalone expansion for Saints Row: The Third, but was eventually scrapped and heavily edited following the collapse of former publishing house THQ. The now re-worked ‘Dominatrix’ campaign promises to offer something of a madcap, fourth-wall-breaking reflection on that original DLC’s failure.

As for the title’s latest trailer (located above), players are given their first decent glimpse at the game’s ‘bounce rifle’ in action. Competing against a handgun-wielding companion, our gimp-suited silly-straw-strapped protagonist takes care of a crowded street scene with ease. Will players find themselves replaying this scenario as part of a new mini-game distraction, perhaps as a gun-toting twist on ten-pin bowling? We’re sure to find out when the game arrives late next month.

Are you planning on purchasing Saints Row IV’s Season Pass feature? Has it been worth the wait to get your hands on ‘Enter the Dominatrix’? Where can the Saints Row franchise go from here? Let us know in the comments below.

Saints Row IV will ascend to the Presidency on August 20th (United States) & August 23rd (Worldwide) for Xbox 360, PS3 & PC platforms. Season Pass pre-orders are now available, offering all of the game’s announced DLC at the discounted rate of $9.99/£7.99.


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Source: Volition