Saints Row 4 In Development Rumor

If there is one shining star amongst THQ’s properties that have failed to deliver for the waning publisher it’s Saints Row. After the over-the-top, but awesome, Saints Row: The Third released to tremendous fanfare, it makes sense to hear that the publisher is moving forward with yet another entry in the franchise.

Though there were some questions regarding whether or not Saints Row was too niche, or got lost in the 2011 holiday season, a resume listing by a member of Volition‘s development team suggests the game sold well enough to warrant a sequel. The individual in question, prop and weapon artist David Payne (that must have been a fun job for Saints Row 3), also reveals an XBLA title are in development.

Earlier this year THQ revealed that they were planning to “refocus” their business strategy and to only stick with “their strongest franchises” going forward. There was some question as to whether or not Saints Row would spearhead that new phase of THQ products, and apparently we have a clearer answer.

The success of Saints Row: The Third has even spanned additional DLC expansions — beyond the initial ones offered as part of the Season Pass. Demand for the game must still be fairly high, even if the first couple DLC storylines paled in comparison to the main game’s antics.

Adding even more credence to the Saints Row 4 rumors is yet another job listing, this one from Ariel Gross who worked on the audio for both Saints Row 2 and 3. According to Goss’ LinkedIn profile, he is working on four unannounced titles for Volition, a few of which may be for consoles that have also not yet been announced.

Saints Row: The Third was able to create a pretty compelling city and feature of ton of out-there scenarios, but if Volition had access to next-gen technology that could make for a really exciting “playground.” It’s probably still too early for THQ to make any announcement regarding Saints Row 4, but when they do we’ll be sure to bring you all the news about it.

Are you ready for more Saints Row? Do you think that Volition should hold off and announce Saints Row 4 for the next-gen consoles or release a new iteration as soon as possible?

Source: LinkedIn (via Superannuation)