After the fiasco that was the Dead Island: Riptide Collector’s Edition, it’s safe to say publisher Deep Silver has learned its lesson. That’s why, when the publisher was mulling over a Collector’s Edition for the upcoming Saints Row 4, they are turning to the fans for suggestions.

Deep Silver today revealed a survey that includes a selection of items for fans to rank from 1 (a.k.a Hell No!) to 5 (a.k.a. Awwww Yeah!) in order of preference. We assume that the item (or items) that ends up with the highest total will likely be packaged in with Saints Row 4 in August.

Now, those expecting something on par with the purple, phallic bat from Saints Row: The Third will likely be disappointed, but there’s still a bevy of intriguing trinkets to vote on. Some standouts include a Johnny Gat Memorial Statue, a Presidential briefcase with kinky handcuff and key, and an “Eagle Jet” RC helicopter.

All of those options, however, pale in comparison to something labeled a “Dubstep Doomsday Button.” We have no idea what that means, but it sounds awesome.

To cast your vote in the survey, which includes more than a dozen items, simply head here. However, if you don’t cast an ‘Awwww Yeah’ vote for the Dubstep button we can no longer be friends. (Kidding, kind of)

As was alluded to earlier, Deep Silver is obviously going a slightly safer route when promoting Saints Row 4, a title that could mean big things for the publisher. They don’t want to come out of left field with something they “think” fans will be interested — like a scantily clad disembodied torso — but rather something they know fans will like. If the trailer for Saints Row 4, however, is any indication, Deep Silver and Volition on the right track.

Among THQ‘s properties, Saints Row was certainly the upper crust, and the anticipation for this forthcoming entry, despite it being revamped DLC, is very high. So, it stands to reason that if Deep Silver rolls out a Collector’s Edition gamers want to buy, they will make a killing in sales.

Which Collector’s Edition item would you like to see included with Saints Row 4? Should Deep Silver have pushed the envelope more with their choices?

Saints Row 4 releases August 20, 2013 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: Kwik Surveys — Deep Silver