Saints Row: The Third seems to take it as a challenge each month to release crazier and crazier screenshots, but we certainly don’t mind. During Gamescom 2011, developers Volition have released a few new unexplainable screenshots along with the trailer for the boss of The Luchadores, Killbane.

If the recent eight minute Saints Row 3 video wasn’t enough to satisfy your hunger for footage, you’ll get an adrenaline boost from the content THQ is providing here – and it features even more of fan-favorite Saints member Johnny Gat. Let’s delve into the wonderfully chaotic world that is Saints Row: The Third and take a look as we invade the brand new city of Steelport!

The Gamescom images and video for the over-the-top sandbox game is the largest collection of footage for the game pushed out since the batch of Saints Row 3 images and trailers in April, and feature everything from a blow-up doll surprise to a humanoid cat having a bad day. Interestingly enough, there’s also a screenshot which indicates there’s some futuristic items for the taking in Saints Row: The Third, including a hoverbike and an intense weapon-loaded jet. This may lead up to moments even better than when gamers discovered the jetpack in San Andreas!

Without further ado, here are the goods:

It’s rather evident that Saints Row: The Third will live up to the name of the rest of the series in terms of ridiculous gameplay. Streaking, car surfing and blasting sewage at people were just a portion of the saner activities in Saints Row 2, and there’s going to be a plethora of new activities in the third iteration from Volition – that is, provided you live long enough to get to them. The streets are new to the Saints, and happen to be owned by other groups which won’t be welcoming to the color purple.

There are three main enemy gangs in the new Saints Row: The Morning Star, a high-end European outfit, The Deckers, a computer-centric hacking gang, and the Luchadores, who just got themselves a nice trailer to show off why they’re going to be a tough opponent in the ring.

The Luchadores are a primarily Mexican gang of masked wrestlers who front a large portion of the drug trade in Steelport. Donning the color green, it’s a gang who would do anything for their eccentric leader Killbane, who embraces the luchadore fighting spirit like no other. Check out the Gamescom 2011 Luchadore trailer to see them in action against The Saints:

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It certainly looks like the masked gang are giving the purple-colored Saints a run for their money in Saints Row: The Third, where it’ll be up to you to make the difference. Fans of the series will be no strangers to taking down rival gangs, having been put through the paces for the two older games in the series, where you took the Saints from being a near-extinct entity into the top dogs of Stilwater.

What do you think about the screenshots and trailer revealed at Gamescom 2011? Will you be picking up Saints Row: The Third?

Saints Row: The Third will be made for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, and you can pick it up on November 15th in North America and November 18th for Europe.

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