'Saint's Row 3' Has Some 'Fantastic Surprises' In Store

Saints Row 3 Big Surprises Coming

In all of the buzz surrounding recent entries into the open-world genre of games like Red Dead Redemption and Assassin's Creed, it seems that some out there may have forgotten about a man by the name of Johnny Gat. The star of the Volition series Saint's Row, Johnny is set to reclaim the spotlight when Saint's Row: The Third arrives this year, just in time for the holidays.

While some out there may dismiss the game as a knock-off of Grand Theft Auto, the game's developers are already teasing that announcements made soon will surprise fans and newcomers alike.

Fans may have realized that their expectations had been somewhat off the mark when the first Saint's Row 3 images and details surfaced, depicting a very different look and style than past games.

Since then the developers have explained that fans will, indeed, be in for a very different experience this holiday season.

Apparently the new focus on running a criminal organization with some flash and class isn't the only thing that fans will be surprised to see, and THQ and Volition's recent projects may shed some light on other changes we may see.

Eurogamer spoke with Volition Studio Manager Eric Barker about the game's development, which the team is still keeping quiet. When asked if Saint's Row: The Third would be using the same physics and deformation elements of Volition's other upcoming title, Red Faction: Armageddon, Barker wouldn't confirm or deny it.

So while we are left wondering if The Third will allow us to blast Steeltown to bits, Barker did reveal that fans still have a few announcements to look forward to:

"I can't talk too much about Saints just yet...You've got some fantastic surprises ahead. The game looks fantastic. It's wonderful. Everybody's really excited about it."

Whether the fantastic surprises are just video of gameplay or more details on the physics, it looks like Volition is approaching the third installment of the Saint's Row series with renewed enthusiasm, which can only mean better things for the finished game.

The Executive Vice-President of THQ Core Games, Danny Bilson tweeted last month that they would be making a "HUGE" announcement in the second week of March, with plenty of content to go along with it. At the time we assumed it would be an official announcement of Saint's Row 3, but now it seems more likely that we'll soon be receiving our first extensive look at Johnny Gat's latest adventure.

What do you hope to see next from Saint's Row? A new design, style, characters, environments? More importantly, what is it about the franchise that you think is still relevant to today's games?

Whatever is revealed next, we'll bring you all of the juicy details. Hopefully then we'll have a better idea of what to expect from Saint's Row: The Third, releasing this holiday season.

Source: Eurogamer

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