Saints Row 3 and Red Faction Sequel at E3?

Who wants more Red Faction?  Everyone, that's who.  Now, who wants more Saints Row?  Not as many, sure, but still a lot of folks.  Finally, who wants Homefront and a Warhammer 40K MMO?  Right.

Well, whatever you desire, THQ's got you covered at E3.

In an interview with IGN, Brian Farrell, CEO of THQ, announced a few details on the developer's upcoming roster.  In amongst unsurprising titles, such as WWE and UFC, Farrell dropped this bomb:

"...I'm sure you're going to be at E3; I think we're going to blow people away at E3. You'll be seeing Saints Row 3. You'll be seeing the next Red Faction. You'll be seeing more of Homefront. We've been talking about it, but we'll actually show some of our Warhammer 40k MMO, and I think people are going to go, "Oh my God. They've got their stuff together."

If the colossal 4-page interview indicates anything at all, it's that THQ is tightening it's belt, shedding the bloat, and focusing on a smaller, yet more diverse roster:

"We went from a $165 million dollar operating loss the prior year to making money this year -- I mean, that's amazing in a year. I don't like the cost-cutting. I've been building for 20 years at THQ, but you know, you've gotta deal with reality. And what we're thinking about for this coming year, calendar 2010 or fiscal 2011, is just continued rebuilding. We cut our costs, so now let's take that next step. Build the brands a little bit more. Add a couple more brands to the portfolio."

So, come E3, out in front and center at the THQ booth will be the sequel to one of last year's biggest surprise hits Red Faction: Guerrilla, in addition to Saints Row 2, whose hysterical take on the GTA series' more melancholic themes has helped the franchise secure its own dedicated audience.

THQ's arsenal of hits last year solidified it as a considerable powerhouse, along the lines of EA and Activision. It should be an interesting year.

What THQ titles are you looking forward to? Or should some of these franchises be put to bed?

Source: IGN

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