'Saint's Row 3' First Screen Released, Weapons Detailed [Updated]

Saints Row 3 First Screen Weapons Details

With the announcement of Saint's Row: The Third still fresh in our minds, we now have a first look at the style the game will be bringing, and those of you who were worried the game would be taking a more realistic turn after seeing the first leaked Saint's Row 3 images have nothing to worry about. In addition to some masked gangsters, details and images of a few of the over-the-top weapons in The Third's arsenal have been released, making it quite clear the the series won't be making a shift closer to realistic combat.

[Updated: Brand new details on Saint's Row: The Third's story, level design, and images of the game's characters have leaked on line. Check them out here!]

The images and details come courtesy of Game Informer, and might bring to mind visions of the failed but soon to be reborn MMO APB. While the first leaked artwork seemed to imply that the Saint's Row series would be taking Johnny Gat to new levels of wealth and realism, a pack of gun-toting luchadores is much closer to the spirit of the franchise.

With Saint's Row: The Third set to release in time for the holidays, it's only right that the game will be bringing some gifts, in the form of ludicrous weaponry.

The game promises to let players take the world by storm as the leader of the Third Street Saints, made possible by some serious firepower.

Taking out large groups of enemies is dangerous with a single weapon, so a laser-guided Air Strike has been added to Gat's repertoire, along with your very own Predator Drone to unleash bombs and guided projectiles at will. The RC Gun could prove especially handy, shooting out electronic bugs that allow the player to take control of any vehicle in the game.

The mag reports that cars or trucks can be used at first, wreaking havoc on the constant gang wars that plague Steelport. Taking control of a rival gang's car, then driving headlong into a police station to turn the heat off your own organization is as much fun as it is inspired, and opens up the door to plenty of possiblities.

As the game goes on, players will apparently be able to upgrade the RC Gun to grant access to heavier vehicles, like tanks or helicopters. The upgrade system will apply to the standard weaponry as well, turning shotguns into multi-barrelled 'Gravediggers' and giving each player more control over the design of their own weapons.

Take a look at the weapons themselves, along with the very first official image of Saint's Row: The Third:

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Fears that the series would abandon its somewhat lewd roots in favor of mass appeal were quickly lessened by the game's tagline, directing players to 'strap it on.' Now fans can rest assured that Volition hasn't cleaned up their act one bit, as GI reports that players will also have the chance to wield, that's right, a 'Sex Toy Bat.'

Oh boy. We don't know if these latest details were one of the 'fantastic surprises' that the developers claim to have in store, but we can only assume that they have plenty more left to show. No matter how dark or dirty, any detail is welcomed to try to give us a better idea of just what kind of game The Third will turn out to be.

Are you happy to see that the sense of humor is still alive and well in the Saint's Row series? Do you wish they would start to focus more on creating a fantastic game than a hilarious one? Let us know in the comments.

Saint's Row: The Third is slated for a holiday 2011 release on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Game Informer

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