'Saints Row: the Third' Adds New DLC Costume Pack Next Week

Saints Row The Third Warrior Pack

So it might not be the 40 weeks of downloadable content, but at least Volition is continuing to support Saints Row: The Third through the holidays. Unfortunately, that support thus far has only come in the form of costumes and two vehicles.

The newest DLC package, dubbed The Warrior Pack, offers four new costumes for your customizable protagonist to wear, all of which carry some sort of “knight” theme. It might not seem like much, but at $3 if you’re getting bored with your character’s previous costumes it might just provide the right change of pace.

Included with the Warrior Pack are a Kabuki Warrior costume, Warrior princess costume, Intergalactic Warrior costume, and a costume called the knight of Steelport. Steelport as you might know is the new location the Stilwater Saints have found themselves fighting a new type of gang war within.

If you’re the least bit interested in the Warrior Pack check out a trailer for the DLC:


Each of the costume sets are completely customizable, at least as customizable as other pieces of clothing in the game are, and bring their own sense of whimsy to the game. My only gripe is that the Intergalactic Warrior costume is extremely similar to a costume unlocked in the single player.

Though you may not be sold on Saints Row: The Third’s Warrior Pack, I strongly urge you to check out Volition’s ode to open world madness. Not only does the game provide tremendous opportunities to create some cherished memories, it throws everything but the kitchen sink at the player.

And THQ might not be delivering on their promise of continuous downloadable content — enough to justify the purchase of their “Season Pass” — but they have outlined three future DLC single player storylines that seem intriguing. The first is slated to release early next year and features that cosplaying game show host Professor Genki, with two more releasing before the end of Spring -- giving plenty of time to get through the main game’s storyline and fool around with the whacky side missions.

As for the Warrior Pack, that will be available for all platforms, and will set you back a mere $3 (240 MS Points).

Will you be picking up the Warrior Pack for Saints Row: The Third? How do you feel about THQ failing to deliver on their DLC promise?

Saints Row: The Third is available now for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: Game Informer

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