'Ryse: Son of Rome' Coming To PC With DLC & Much Higher Resolution

Ryse Son Of Rome Coming To PC

It's not unusual to see previously-exclusive titles make the eventual jump to other platforms. Often, that new platform is the PC. Once thought to be a dying breed, it's usually a safe bet to assume that successful titles will either make their way to the world of desktops or will see subsequent releases within a given series making appearances down the road. Following the trend set by Dead Rising 3Ryse: Son of Rome will soon be making its way to the land of mice and keyboards.

Lauded as one of the Xbox One's prettiest launch titles, Ryse: Son of Rome served as a good benchmark of the console's power at launch (check out our review). With the game's sequel facing cancellation due to Crytek's reported financial troubles, PC gamers will be able to get their hands on this brutal action-adventure title this fall. Not content to be a straight port of the Xbox One version, PC users will  be getting a little more bang for their buck.

Any DLC that has been released for the title up until its PC release will be included in the Crytek-developed package. This will include the following packs:

The Colosseum Pack - Two arena maps, two character skins

Mars' Chosen Pack - Survival mode, character skin, four Arena maps

Dual of Fates Pack - Two character skins, two Arena maps, Suvival map

Morituri Pack - Three Arena maps, two Survival maps, five solo Arena maps

In addition to these DLC packs, players will also receive the Ruins multiplayer map and  “Legionnaire’s Trust” sword that were released with the game's special edition. As if this weren't enough incentive to make the jump into this Roman adventure, the game's PC version will support a wider range of resolutions including gorgeous 4K resolution. According to Crytek's Director of Business Development Carl Jones:

“4K gaming is another leap in graphics quality for PC gamers and Ryse is the perfect showcase for what’s now possible in high-end PC games.  We’ve given our team the opportunity to show what CRYENGINE can really achieve, without compromising quality, thanks to the incredible hardware available now to PC gamers.  Ryse will be a benchmark PC graphics showcase this year and probably for a long time in future."

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Looking at the screenshots that have been released for the game's coming PC version, it's clear that this is not simply a case of technological posturing. The game is undeniably gorgeous. While the game may have been met with a lukewarm reception, its visceral combat sure did - and continues to - look quite impressive.

One can hope that with this release, Crytek will see at least some alleviation of the recent troubles that they have been facing. Troubles aside, Ryse is a good first step in Microsoft's move to introduce new IPs. Not only this, but with Sunset Overdrive just around the corner Microsoft is clearly poised to draw in new gamers.

With the advent of a PC release, is the additional content and resolution support enough to get you to make the jump? If a sequel were to get made, what would you like to see implemented in it?


Ryse: Son of Rome on PC is slated for a fall 2014 release.

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