After the Xbox One unveiling in late May, Microsoft found themselves in the midst of confusion after failing to answer key questions about the new console’s online features, used game policies and backward compatibility. On top of that, there weren’t many new games shown off.

This all changes today during the first keynote presentation of E3 2013 where Microsoft has altered their plans to focus strictly on the gamer. No TV news, no Skype examples, just games and there are 20 of them, including the just-announced RYSE: Son of Rome.

We heard about RYSE a long while back but it finally made its reappearance onstage to showcase the power of Xbox One. Gameplay was brutal and powerful, beginning with Roman soldiers storming a beachhead with massive armies and ships in the background as incoming catapult fire rained down, causing huge fiery explosions.

Ryse Son Of Rome Xbox One

The soldiers formed up in a phalanx line as they approached the wall and tower wtih spears. We then see the player travelling through the fortress and there are cinematic kills, including a 300-esque kick of an enemy off the wall.

There are quicktime event popups occasionally during combat to do finishing moves it seems, and so far, we’ve not seen any repeat animations on kills. The multi-enemy combat looks similar to the Assassin’s Creed and Batman: Arkham games but much more cinematic.

RYSE: Son of Rome is exclusive to Xbox One and is built on the latest CryEngine. It’s available at launch.

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