If there’s one next-gen game that falls squarely into the ‘you’ve got to play it to get it’ category, it’s the Xbox One launch title Ryse: Son of Rome. One might have thought that the developer behind it (Crytek, the minds behind Crysis) would be enough to make it one of the Xbox One’s most coveted launch titles, but criticism has persisted.

Hopefully, the latest trailers focusing on the fiction crafted around the Roman soldier Marius Titus – the titular ‘Son of Rome’ – and highlighting the mythology and savagery spun throughout the game will help ease some fears. Or at least prove that there will be some next-gen cutscenes to go along with the next-gen gameplay.

The game’s path to this point may not have been a straight one, but Ryse was easily one of the more visually impressive and undeniably next-gen games displayed as part of Microsoft’s Xbox One lineup at E3 2013. Even so, the implied reliance on QTE’s and simple gameplay tempered much of the enthusiasm.

Ryse Son of Rome Story Trailer

Once we had the chance to try the game for ourselves (both at E3 and other events since) – and noted that the on-screen prompts could be removed – most of our fears were laid to rest, with Crytek proving that they’d laid the groundwork for a solid, cinematic action title. But to deliver on that potential, a story must be present to keep players moving forward, and while the tale of MariusĀ Titus may be a classic one, his ascent to a Roman General is one that could do the trick.

In addition to the trailer chronicling Marius’ adventure, Crytek has also released a stylized trailer starring the legendary warrior Damocles. Traditionally the star of a moral tale of the responsibility and peril that comes with power, the trailer has Damocles recast as a great hero, who fell to his enemies once his own commanders betrayed him. Finding pity in the afterlife, Damocles returned to the Earth as ‘The Black Centurion,’ seeking vengeance (what else?) against those who had wronged him.

Take a look:

Unfortunately, neither the character nor the art style will be presented in the finished game, but instead offered as an interactive comic online. The first issue can be read here, and it’s possible the character could be seen again in the game’s multiplayer modes.

What do you make of the story trailers? Do the next-gen visuals and plot have your interest, or is it the game’s intense and team-based multiplayer mode that you’re most looking forward to? Sound off in the comments.


Ryse: Son of Rome released on November 22, 2013 alongside the Xbox One.

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Source: Gamespot, Microsoft