Ryan Reynolds Could Have Been Nathan Drake in the Uncharted Movie

Ryan Reynolds Uncharted movie role

The Uncharted movie has finally found its Nathan Drake in Spider-Man actor Tom Holland. Holland was chosen for the role after Sony Pictures executive Tom Rothman saw the actor in Spider-Man: Homecoming and drew parallels between the superhero character in Nathan Drake. However, it seems that Holland's name was just one in a list of other major Hollywood names.

Ryan Reynolds, who is voicing the eponymous yellow Pokemon in the Detective Pikachu movie, was being considered for the role at one point. This information was shared by Joe Carnahan (The A-Team, Smokin' Aces) who previously worked on the Uncharted movie as a writer. Carnahan told DiscussingFilm that Reynolds was "very close" to playing the role, but it was his phenomenal success as the superhero Deadpool that led Sony Pictures to look elsewhere.

Since the Uncharted movie was announced, fans have called for Nathan Fillion to be given the role. Fillion has a resemblance to Drake, and in his performances in Firefly and Castle, he's shown that he has the humor and wit, too. Fillion has also starred in an Uncharted fan movie short, where he confirmed fan suspicions that he would be an excellent choice for the role. However, Reynolds' own comedy acting and his performance in action films like Deadpool show that he wouldn't have been a terrible choice for the role of Nathan Drake either.

It's still unclear when fans of the PlayStation action franchise may get to see the film's confirmed actor, Tom Holland, in the role. As Carnahan's interview alluded to, the development of the Uncharted movie has been all over the place since it was first announced. Several directors have come and gone (the new director is 10 Cloverfield Lane's Dan Trachtenberg), and the script has also been revised several times. The script that Carnahan worked on was apparently very funny and featured a huge opening sequence which involved Aretha Franklin and a ski lodge.

The Fillion-starring Uncharted short film only reignited fan interest in seeing the series taken from the small screen to the silver screen, with all of its action sequences performed by real actors. It has also been nearly three years since a Nathan Drake-starring Uncharted game was released, and nearly two since an Uncharted game was released. Sony Pictures would be wise to strike now, but the company may still be figuring out the finer details of the production.

Source: YouTube - DiscussingFilm

Image source: Flickr - Gage Skidmore (with a Creative Commons license)

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