Rumor Patrol: ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Single Player DLC Details Leaked

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Thanks to current-gen ports and consistent support for GTA Online, Grand Theft Auto 5 is still going strong well over a year after its initial release date. The Rockstar game received rave reviews for its single-player campaign at launch and, after a few rocky months, eventually got its act together enough to deliver a stable online experience, as well. Although most of the Grand Theft Auto 5 content updates have been GTA Online related, the promise of new single-player DLC has also been dangled in front of consumers.

Rumors about the single-player DLC have been swirling for months without any confirmation from Rockstar, and the latest batch of leaks come from the game’s source code (the scripts, specifically) which were discovered by funmw2 on gtaforums. The string of code looks like gibberish to readers who aren’t familiar with the game’s source, but actually contains some very interesting information about a familiar character.

The code contains a string, 0x998ca979, that points to a model called ig_agent14. The reason to believe this is an Agent 14 model designated for single-player mode is that the model for GTA Online is called ig_mp_agent14. For those interested in the nitty gritty, here’s what funmw2 found and posted…

“In “standard_global_reg” script (The script that handle the SP stats and contacts …etc) I found this coding: sub_644f3(76, 0x998ca979, 150, “CELL_165”, “CELL_MP_329”, “CELL_400”, 74, 4, “NO_ANSMG”, 7, 16, 0, 0, 0, “CELL_MN_11″, 4);,”

Grand Theft Auto 5 Agent 14

We’re not entirely convinced until we hear it directly from Rockstar, but that is enough intel for some to believe that Agent 14, introduced in the game’s Heists, will play a role in an upcoming single-player DLC mission. Although Agent 14 plays a key role in the Heists, very little is known about the character. GTA Online protagonists get all of their information about the character from his own mouth and, as it turns out, he isn’t the most honest Black Ops employee. The character was voiced by Ryan Farrell, so we’ll be interested to see if he returns to the recording booth for the DLC.

Previous leaks have suggested that one of the game’s single-player DLC packs will be called Agent and feature Trevor as the main character. Considering the title, it would make sense for Agent 14 to show up in this one, rather than the other rumored Zombies DLC pack, which will supposedly focus on Michael.

We recommend taking all of these deductions with a grain of salt, considering nothing has been confirmed by Rockstar. After today’s updates are in place, we will likely start to hear more official plans from the developer about what is coming next for GTA. Until then, we can just entertain ourselves by playing the existing content or watching the ridiculous live action GTA trailer.

Do you think Agent 14 will make a good addition to the single-player campaign? How interested are you in additional single-player content? Let us know in the comments.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

Source: iDigitalTimes