‘ZombiU’ Coming to Xbox One and PS4?

By | 1 year ago 

As E3 2015 approaches, rumors have been emerging in groves regarding some of gamers’ favorite properties. One series that didn’t have resounding success at retail or generate an ample amount of fandom is one of Ubisoft’s highly toted Wii U-exclusives, ZombiU. It would now seem that the publisher may have plans in place to change that, however.

New reports have popped up that claim a port of the zombie survival game is currently being worked on for other platforms. More specifically, ZombiU would be ported to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

According to Unseen64, the game is currently being worked on at Ubisoft in a bid to prepare it for an eventual launch on current-gen platforms. Given the site’s notoriety for correctly ousting gaming announcements (or even details and gameplay from scrapped titles), it’s clear that there’s a good chance of there being truth to what the site and YouTube channel are claiming.

Unseen64‘s Tamaki has the scoop, stating that the game is well underway and could surface at some point in the very near future. That said, the individual claims that he’ll keep gamers updated on the project’s status, in the event that the game gets axed or Ubisoft decides to shelve the franchise altogether. This may be seen as an easy out in the event that this rumor is a bluff, but the site’s faultless track record speaks for itself.

ZombiU Ports Xbox One PS4

It’s well known that Ubisoft lost money on ZombiU, which appears to have affectively soured the company’s relationship with Nintendo. The poor sales of the Big N’s latest home console eventually lead to Rayman Legends also ditching Wii U exclusivity, so news of a possible port to other console makes sense. What isn’t known is how Ubisoft plans on bringing a game that was so intricately weaved into the Nintendo’s GamePad to other systems.

Only time will tell what Ubi has planned for its zombie-centric IP, but transitioning the series onto other pieces of hardware will undoubtedly boost the player base surrounding the title. That said, E3 2015 may very well be the best place to unveil the new game – provided it’s in development. With that in mind, stay tuned to Game Rant for any updates on ZombiU.

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Source: Unseen64