Rumor: The Last of Us 2 State Of Play Airing This Week

Although some gamers still feel like there's no way The Last of Us 2 will arrive this calendar year, the latest round of rumors suggest that a 2019 release date is still the plan for the upcoming Naughty Dog sequel. Earlier this week, a rumor claimed that The Last of US 2's release window is about to be released. Today, that same source has some new information to share.

The same Spanish news site that shared the release window rumor is now claiming to have additional information from a "a very reliable source." The source suggests that there will be a State of Play on Thursday, May 30. According to the source, the focus of the State of Play will be all on The Last Of Us 2 and new gameplay details and a November release date will be released.

At this point, Sony hasn't confirmed any of this speculation and there hasn't been an announcement about a State of Play for later this week. That said, if a State of Play is coming, we should hear about it within the next 24 hours, or so; which will help determine whether any piece of this rumor is true or not.

the last of us 2 release date this year

A 2019 release date certainly seemed to be the plan when a fair portion of last year's Sony E3 conference was dedicated to the game. This should also help ease the minds of consumers who were worried that The Last of Us 2 might be PS5 exclusive.

If a release window trailer for TLOU2 is on the way, it makes sense that Sony would deliver the information via State of Play, considering the company won't be attending this year's E3 event. This decision takes away the big stage, but gives Sony the power to make the announcement at a time when it might not be overshadowed by dozens of other big reveals arriving at the same time.

The Last of Us: Part 2 is in development exclusively for the PS4.

Source: Legion de Jugadores

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