Rumor Patrol: Half of Sony’s E3 Booth Dedicated to Project Morpheus

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It’s hard to believe, but E3 is less than a week away. Soon the Internet will be flooded with the big announcements and updates from the multitude of press conferences and events scheduled to take place throughout gaming’s biggest week. Sony’s press conference in particular will be one to watch, as their upcoming PS4 lineup is somewhat of a mystery, leaving the door open for plenty of potential surprises.

Among the rumored surprises for Sony’s press conference is the resurgence of The Last Guardian, a highly anticipated game from Team ICO that has been trapped in development hell for years. Sony is also going to feature Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End front and center during their press conference, as it’s likely going to be their biggest game of 2016, and it’s most definitely a title that can sell systems. But besides games, Sony’s press conference will also reportedly spend a good amount of time showing off the company’s upcoming VR headset, currently known as Project Morpheus.

Sony will reportedly be making a “big push” for Project Morpheus during the press conference itself, revealing first-party games as well as other titles that will be exclusive to the device. This is extremely exciting for those anticipating Project Morpheus, as Sony has yet to really show off any substantial software utilizing the hardware, let alone exclusive games.

Those in attendance at E3 in Los Angeles will also apparently have an opportunity to test out Project Morpheus on the show floor. After devoting a decent amount of their press conference time to the device, words has it that Sony plans on having it take up “around half” of their E3 booth. This would give E3 attendees a chance to demo the Project Morpheus hardware and its exclusive games, whatever they turn out to be.

Project Morpheus

It would make sense for Sony to dedicate a large portion of their E3 booth and press conference to Project Morpheus, especially if the device is set to release as soon as Sony themselves have indicated in the past. The latest update on the hardware had it at 85% complete, and Andrew House of Sony gave Project Morpheus a release window of June 2016 in a recent investor’s call.

Will virtual reality be the next big thing in gaming, or will it be another passing fad like motion controls? With Sony and numerous other companies doubling down on the VR phenomenon, the next couple of years are going to be extremely important to both the future of the industry and the future of VR. One thing’s for certain, it will be interesting to see if VR sticks, and which company’s gamble pays off the most.

Sony’s E3 2015 press conference will air live on June 15th at 6pm PDT, across a variety of platforms.

Source: VRFocus