Rumor Patrol: Rocksteady Superman Game To Be Announced At E3?

Superman Arkham Game

Ever since Rocksteady released Batman: Arkham Knight in 2015 fans have clung onto rumors and speculation that the studio might return to the DC comics universe with a Superman or Justice League open-world title. Despite these rumors, Rocksteady has been adamant that with their Batman trilogy done they are finished with that world and yet a new leak indicates otherwise.

According to a supposed leak on 4chan today, not only is Rocksteady indeed working on an open-world Superman title but fans won't have to wait long to get their first look at it. The post claims that the game will be officially revealed this weekend as the cover story for the July issue of Game Informer magazine.

The leak further reports that following the Game Informer reveal, the game will make its debut at the Microsoft E3 Conference, which begins 4:00 PM EST on Sunday. The presentation will include a trailer as well as a gameplay demonstration running on the Xbox One X. The gameplay will show Superman in combat both grounded and airborne, fighting against Brainiacs drones throughout the city.

Braniac Superman Game Antagonist

In line with previous rumors, the trailer will reveal frequent Superman adversary Brainiac as the games primary antagonist, showing him leading his invasion of Earth, beginning with an assault on Metropolis. The ensuing battle will cause Superman to become weakened, likely an attempt by developers to nerf such an over-powered character for the purposes of the game.

The leak also points to a website to promote the game that has yet to go live. The site,, is currently inactive, with the leaker claiming it will go live alongside shortly after the game's announcement. According to the websites domain tools, it has not been updated since February of this year.

Adding fuel to this fire is executive editor of Game Informer Andrew Reiner who tweeted "Loving the run of Game Informer covers we've had in 2018. Next months is very very very very cool." When a fan responded with a picture of Superman Reiner simply tweeted "Needs a new cape."

Superman Rocksteady Game

As with any supposed leak it's important to take all this information with a grain of salt. Websites like 4Chan have a spotty history at best when it comes to leaks about upcoming games and this isn't even the first time a supposed Superman game revel has been "leaked" on the site. Late last year a reveal was supposed to be coming from Game Informer and nothing ever came of it.

Whether or not a Superman title does end up being one of the games shown off at E3, fans aren't going to be disappointed by whats on offer. With games like AnthemSpider-ManFallout 76, and many others set to make an appearance at this year's convention there will be something for everyone. That being said, a surprise from Rocksteady wouldn't go unwelcome.

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