Rumor: Prey 2 is Still Alive, Likely E3 Reveal

Prey 2 E3 2016 rumor

In recent weeks, there has been plenty of chatter about the long-dormant Prey 2 — and now it seems that the project might be set for a reveal at E3 next month.

There's growing evidence that Prey 2 isn't quite as dead as previous reports have indicated — and in fact, the game could be set for a big reveal when E3 hits Los Angeles next month. A website for the title has recently been updated, suggesting that preparations are being made for it to go live.

This week, was updated to redirect visitors to a Facebook page. At present, it only presents an error message stating that the requested content isn't currently available — but the URL confirms that it's a social media presence for Prey 2, rather than just a catch-all for publisher Bethesda.

If Prey 2 wasn't in the works, there would be little reason to make this tweak. There's clearly an expectation that the game's website is going to be receiving some traffic at some point in the near future. More to the point, the currently hidden Facebook page seems to confirm that a marketing blitz is inbound.

Prey 2 Demo Monster Battle

Despite not setting the world alight, the original Prey is fondly remembered — thanks in no small part to its release during a dry spell for the Xbox 360. A sequel was soon announced, although it wouldn't be long before the follow-up fell into development hell.

However, earlier this year there were rumblings that reports of the sequel's demise had been exaggerated. A completely retooled version of Prey 2 was apparently in development at Arkane Austin, and was set to be unveiled at Bethesda's second-ever E3 presentation.

Now that there's observable evidence of an online presence for the game being built, it would seem that these claims have been substantiated. That being said, there are still big questions to be asked about how far off the game is, and what sort of sequel it will end up being.

Given that Bethesda seems to be tied up with Dishonored 2 for the time being, it's perhaps likely that Prey 2 will be a 2017 release. We could see a trailer and receive some early information at E3, but it's difficult to determine whether or not gameplay will be shown, considering how little we know about the title's development process.

Evidence for Prey 2 's return seems to be mounting, but take this information with a grain of salt for now – it is a rumor, after all. For all the latest updates during the biggest event on the video game calendar, make sure to keep up with Game Rant between June 14 and June 16.

Source: GameSpot

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