Rumor: Pokemon Sword and Shield Release Date Leaks

pokemon sword shield release schedule

Since the official announcement of Pokemon Sword and Shield, the Internet has been tempered from its original fervor. This doesn't mean that there aren't tons of people patiently waiting for more news, however, especially after the reveal of Armored Mewtwo. Now, according to one leak, we now know both the release date of the gen 8 Pokemon titles and the promotional release schedule.

For the release date, this leaked schedule lists the release as between November 15- 20. This certainly fits with everything we know about the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, and this dating includes both a Tuesday and a Friday, common days for video game releases. Alongside this leaked information, it appears that the next-gen Pokemon title will be getting a new trailer on May 10, which may help confirm this release date if so.

Prior to the official release date, this leaked schedule as details many of the promotional events that are set to take place beforehand. On May 15, this schedule states that the box art for Pokemon Sword and Shield will be revealed in an issue of Corocoro magazine. Here's the full leaked promotional schedule:

  • May 15: Corocoro reveal of the box art
  • June 27 - A panel at Salt Lake City Comic Con
  • July 10 - Gen 8 Funko Pops
  • July 20 - A panel at San Diego Comic Con
  • August 29 - Panel at a PAX
  • September 12 to 14 - Tokyo Game Show
  • September 15 - More reveals from Corocoro magazine
  • October 4 - New York Comic Con and a promotional tour
  • October 11 - More promotional tours, one in Europe and the other in one of the Americas
  • October 12 - Panel at PAX Australia and an Australian promotional tour
  • November 2 - Nintendo and Game Freak event at EGX Berlin
  • November 15 to 20 - Pokemon Sword and Shield's Release Date

As with all rumors, this should be taken with a healthy grain of salt. Since the official reveal, there have been all types of Pokemon Sword and Shield rumors for various details including Armored Evolutions, two regions, and Meltan having a major role in the titles. Some of this seems true, and some of it seems too good to be true, which is where this rumor may find itself.


The original schedule is posted in Japanese but features several mistakes such as an Americanized dating system, a large variance in the number of ways the Sword and Shield titles are referred to as, and some issues with the Katakana of the language. In other words, this could just be a convincing fake like the previously leaked Scorbunny evolution, but if there is an element of truth to this leaked schedule, we will see sooner rather than later, given the rumors for May 10 and May 15.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are both currently in development, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Reddit

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