Rumor Patrol: Wii U to Support Non-Gaming Apps

Wii U to Feature an App Store

It's very likely that we won't hear anything official about the Wii U until 2012, but that doesn't mean that details about the new console aren't available for rapid speculation. The latest rumor isn't particularly juicy, but it's enough to get us thinking about the new direction that Nintendo may plan on heading in order to appeal to not just hardcore gamers, but multimedia enthusiasts.

The latest rumor spawns from a report from The Daily, claiming that "a person familiar with the matter" has informed them that the Nintendo Wii U's digital storefront will offer a lot more than just downloadable games. According to this alleged source, the Wii U will be home to a plethora of non-gaming apps — and they're not just referring to existing apps such as Netflix or the infamous Mario calculator. Instead, it appears that Nintendo will be drawing inspiration from the recent Xbox 360 dashboard update, which began offering support for a handful of new entertainment-focused apps that allowed consumers to do a lot more with their Xbox then ever before.

Details on which apps may be coming to the new console were slim, but MLB.TV was given as an example regarding the types of apps that gamers can expect from the Wii U's app store. Obviously companies like Netflix will still maintain their support for Nintendo's gaming consoles (you can even get Netflix on the 3DS), but it'll be interesting to see which partners the Big N will work with when their new console is finally unleashed upon the masses next year.

It's becoming apparent that anxious Nintendo fans will be forced to wait well into the new year for more news on the Wii U, and one thing is apparent more than anything now — E3 2012 just can't come soon enough.

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Source: The Daily


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