Rumor Patrol: Video of PSP Phone in Action Hits the Internet

PSP Phone in the wild and caught on camera

Sony Ericcson Chief Executive Bert Nordberg practically confirmed the PSP Phone's existence just recently. Rumors have been circulating about the device for what seems like forever. Now new evidence of the phone's existence has surfaced with a video that alleges to show the PSP Phone in action. The video shows a man seemingly just going through some menus on the device and, unfortunately, does not show the gamepad sliding out or games being played. The perceived dimensions of the device, however, appear to match those described in earlier rumor reports.

Check it out:


Along with the alleged video, the new rumors report the phone is dubbed the Sony Ericsson Z1 and comes with the latest version of the Android operating system, Gingerbread, ready to go. These rumors do not add too much new information, but do continue to play well with the earlier rumor buzz surrounding the device.

Rumors and what appears to be concrete evidence regarding a PSP Phone seems to have been around for so long now that it almost would not be shocking to learn that dinosaurs actually used PSP Phones back in the Jurassic Period. That is a joke. But seriously, at some point it would seem wise for Sony to confirm the device's existence and provide some solid information. Why let leaks and rumors dictate the discussion on a piece of technology that a company likely spent a lot of money developing and testing? Sony might not have wanted to talk about the PSP Phone right now, but unless they can control the leak of information something should be done or said.

The device could be really great. Android has proven itself to be a popular and solid mobile operating system and gaming on Android-based mobile phones can turn big numbers. Why not announce something real and concrete already?

What do you think? Do you think this video shows the rumored PSP Phone? How long until you think Sony actually announces the device? Do you think there will be video of someone playing games on the device before Sony officially announces it? Are you interested in a PSP Phone? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Techblog (via Engadget)

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