Rumor Patrol: Uncharted 3 Titled 'World of Deceit' [Updated]

Uncharted 3 World of Deceit Listing

[Update: Naughty Dog's Arne Meyer denies the artwork is related to an upcoming Uncharted sequel. Scroll down for details.]

On the French Amazon website a listing for Uncharted 3: World of Deceit has been posted, then at the same time a design student by the name of Albert Ng has posted a set of screens for level designs all under the same title. It does seem a little too coincidental that an architecture student would post a fan-made set of level designs with the same title as posted on an Amazon listing. Is this a mistake on Amazon's part or is there more to this story?

There are two options that seem feasible in this situation. Either Albert posted his architecture designs online and some smaller gaming news outlet took them to be fact and eventually they hit the Amazon site. Or, conversely, Albert, who may or may not have worked for a company with ties to Sony, posted some of his work to show his class and didn’t realize the magnitude of rumors it would create. Most would like to believe that the plans are in the works for the next Uncharted game, especially with all this talk over a movie.

World of Deceit seems like a logical projection from Among Thieves. Uncharted has always provided engaging stories in which Nathan Drake interacts with his “tomb-raiding” colleagues in a less than moral manner. If this title indicates we are going to get more of what we saw from Among Thieves, one of the best games of 2009, then bring it on.

What do you think of the title Uncharted 3: World of Deceit? Does it feel like a logical progression from Among Thieves or were you hoping for something else? Or is this a complete misunderstanding?

Update: Naughty Dog's Arne Meyer took to the NeoGaf forums to deny the World of Deceit rumors -

"The guy used the Uncharted universe as the basis for mock work for one of his classes and even listed it as such where the pieces were posted: Uncharted 3 pieces I did for architecture class. So, totally fake and I didn't even have to say so. :)"

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