Rumor Patrol: Ubisoft's Fighters Uncaged for Xbox 360 Kinect

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As you may recall, Microsoft plans on releasing its newest innovation, the Kinect, to the masses this November 4, 2010. To date, the games shown for the Kinect have been primarily marketed to the casual audience. This has left many so-called hardcore gamers disinterested in the controller-free device.

Well, an interesting rumor concerning a new intellectual property from Ubisoft has floated out onto the internet today, and if true, may just entice some hardcore gamers to give the Kinect a second look. The new exclusive Kinect title is allegedly called Fighters Uncaged and it will feature full-body fighting mechanics. Yes, that's right. You can finally throw actual punches and kicks to defeat your digital enemies. The game is allegedly being developed by AMA Studios, a Belgian game developer.  According to its LinkedIn profile, AMA is owned by Advanced Mobile Applications Ltd, a sister company of Ubisoft, and the goal of the developer is to create, "AAA console games that redefine the way players control their in-game characters."

While the idea of potentially maiming a passer-by while you play a Kinect game sounds enticing, Ubisoft has not previously made any announcements regarding this title, and we are typically skeptical of unconfirmed rumors. But then we saw this video of the game in action, and well, it certainly looks legit:


The ultimate goal of Fighters Unleashed is to allow gamers to realistically fight using their bodies. Players will actually need to move their fists, knees, legs, elbows, and head to take out the game's twelve opponents. The Kinect will also allow players to dodge and block attacks.

As a company, Ubisoft has clearly embraced the Kinect platform. Game Rant's illustrious Editor-in-Chief, Rob Keyes, and I had the opportunity to try Your Shape: Fitness Evolved at E3 this past year, and we both came away impressed with how well the software worked. The exercise program had no noticeable lag, which shows that Ubisoft has sunk a lot of development time into the device.

CEO Yves Guillemot has previously stated that Ubisoft would be releasing approximately ten casual games for the Kinect within the first six months of its launch and Fighters Unleased would certainly fit into that strategy. We've reached out to Ubisoft to see if they will confirm that this title is the real deal and we'll update this story once we receive a response.

If Fighters Uncaged for the Kinect is legit, prepare to pull a hamstring sometime in November 2010.

UPDATE: Ubisoft announced at Gamescom that this game is real and due to release this November. Start your training regiment now.

Source: Xboxic

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