Today is the last day of Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego, and while the action starts to wind down there are still a few pieces of new gaming-related news to come from the event. The latest comes from an individual who claims they were invited to a behind-closed-doors session with Capcom at SDCC. While the individual was there Capcom allegedly detailed Resident Evil 6 to the handful of people in the room.

During this meeting with Capcom attendees were told not to take pictures of any of the things they were about to be shown, so of course one rebel took the opportunity to snap a pic. The picture in question was none other than the supposed logo of Resident Evil 6 with the date “15.09.2011” posted underneath.

September 15th actually happens to be the day that this year’s Tokyo Game Show is currently set to kick off. That means that if the picture is legitimate then more news on Resident Evil 6 will obviously be coming during the event later this year, but what form the news will take is anyone’s guess.

Many are speculating that the sixth instalment in the Resident Evil series will return the franchise to its horror roots, but nobody is sure what the next game will entail. Masachika Kawata (producer of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City) has stated in the past that Resident Evil 6 will will be significantly different from Resident Evil 5, so fans should expect something unlike anything they’ve experienced from the series thus far — although a return to horror is almost a guarantee.

Capcom has had a terrible string of luck lately with keeping their unannounced games under wraps — with the most recent being Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3‘s entire roster being release prematurely. There’s a really good chance that this photo is doctored, but even if that is the case Resident Evil 6 is still en route; whether or not the game will appear at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, however, is still open to speculation.

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Source: Helldescent (via Gematsu)