Rumor Patrol: MAG 2 Possible January 2011 Release?

Rumor Patrol- MAG 2 Possible January 2011 Release

Usually, rumors about big video game franchises come out early in the year. Either via leaks or purposely driven by the console and game manufactures to generate hype, rumors serve the purpose of wetting gamers’ appetites for news about the next big thing. As we get into the last quarter of 2010, it appears we are still getting at least one more very interesting rumor.

Very recently, had a listing for MAG 2 for the PlayStation 3. The cost was listed at $59.82, per Walmart’s lowest-pricing system, so for all intents and purposes this would be a full $60 title. The release date given was January 25, 2011. Sony representatives have not responded to questions, and as of now has removed this listing from their site. The original MAG was developed by Zipper Interactive, who have nothing on their own website about a sequel. Also, none of Sony’s websites have any information about this game either.

I believe that it is highly unlikely that this rumor could be true. MAG came out in January of this year and I doubt that the code for a sequel could be anywhere near going gold anytime soon, especially if said sequel was completely unannounced. If there even is going to be a sequel, it is more likely that it would come out late next year, and we would be hearing about it at the next E3 in March. Or another more likely scenario is that they may be releasing another SKU of the original game sometime soon, including all of the DLC and including PlayStation Move support on-disc.

Either way, we will know if this is true or not soon enough. Any flagship title for the PlayStation 3 coming out anytime soon will be announced at the Tokyo Game Show later this week.

Well, Ranters, what do you think of the rumor that MAG 2 may be coming out as early as January 2011?

Source: GameSpot

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