If you were a fan of last year’s Alan Wake, the latest rumors concerning a sequel to the game may come as a relief or disappointment. While developer Remedy Entertainment had previously confirmed that another Alan Wake project was coming, apparently the title in question, Alan Wake: Night Springs will be bypassing a retail release, and coming to gamers via Xbox Live Arcade.

That’s what’s being reported by XBLAFans, who claim to have received the information from a trusted source along with a look a screenshots. While not bad news in any way, some fans may have been expecting something different from Alan Wake 2.

Seeing Remedy and digital distribution in the same sentence isn’t a surprise, given how willing the development studio’s CEO has stated the team is to embrace a digital sales model. Still, hearing that the follow-up game to a new and successful IP will be skipping a retail release entirely is out of the ordinary.

While some might automatically see an XBLA release as a lesser title, that is far from a foregone conclusion. We’ve known that Alan Wake 2 would be something new, and this newest rumor sheds a great deal of light on comments made concerning the eventual successor to Alan Wake. While a prequel or different story within the same universe could fit the mold of a smaller release, the rumored title of the project offers some ideas as to its nature.

Night Springs, as anyone who played through the game will remember, was the name of the ‘Twilight Zone-esque’ television program that could be found playing on various TVs throughout the campaign. Shot in live-action, the shorts were a blend of hard science fiction and eerie foreshadowing, often casting new insights onto the game’s events.

Take a look at one of the episodes in question, entitled ‘Quantum Suicide:’


Since the television program had no direct connection to those of the game’s protagonist, a project bearing the name is unlikely to be directly associated with any of the game’s main characters. It’s still possible, but given Remedy‘s description of the upcoming game as sure to be appealing to fans and newcomers, a brand new take is possible. The most obvious idea would be a smaller game that places players into the odd universe of Night Springs, which Alan Wake fans would likely enjoy just as much as fans of good science fiction.

Remedy has hinted that their next project could be even more streamlined and directed than Alan Wake, which would be an interesting experience, and better to test out an all-digital release. Some might have cringed at the idea of a sequel being ‘scaled down,’ but doing so for an XBLA release makes much more sense.

Does this news come as a relief to you Wake fans, or were you hoping for an even bigger experience for Alan Wake 2? If you have any of your own theories on the next game, share them with us in the comments.

Alan Wake: Night Springs is yet to be confirmed, but we’ll keep you up to date on any and all information Remedy chooses to share.

Source: XBLAFans