Code from Nintendo’s E3 2014 Site Hinting at New Console?

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As gamers progress down the final stretch towards E3 2014, there are sure to be a ton of leaks and rumors pertaining to some of the biggest game announcements planned for the showcase. The event which many gamers herald as Christmas in June is scheduled to be packed with all kinds of exciting game reveals and announcements.

At the forefront of the announcement making is suppose to be Nintendo which has a lot of ground to make up after the lacklustre sales of its Wii U console, and it appears the Big N may have a bigger announcement than anyone else initially figured.

Spotted by NeoGAF user Foshy, Ninty’s recently launched E3-centric website featured a particularly interesting tidbit tucked away in its source code. Alongside a list of several expected products, such as Super Smash Bros. and the Wii U itself, the code specifically mentions a “new Nintendo system.” Since then, these thought-provoking keywords are said to have been completely removed from the site, making it all the more intriguing.

Nintendo E3 2014 Website Code New Console

Just because there’s mention of a new Nintendo console doesn’t mean that gamers should start banking on a successor to the Wii U or 3DS quite yet. Many believe that the platform may tie into Nintendo’s Quality of Life initiative that it mentioned after posting lacklustre sales for its Wii U console. Another possibility is that it could be absolutely nothing at all and that it was just added to the source code of the website unknowingly, although it’s odd that the Big N would remove it if that were the case.

What we do know will be featured during Nintendo’s E3 2014 showcase is Super Smash Bros. and the first look at the next Legend of Zelda for Wii U, which is reason enough for fans of the company to be excited. Whether or not a new console is in the cards so soon remains to be seen, but there will be plenty of gamers tuning into the presentation to find out.

Do you think Nintendo could be working on a new console so soon? Do you think it’s a new console, a redesign of an existing system, or just a mistake on the part of the site’s coder? Let us know in the comments below.


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Source: NeoGAF (via GoNintendo)

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