Rumor: Nintendo & Disney Working On Deal for Movies, Video Games, and Toys

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There’s never a shortage of rumors to be found within the gaming industry, but the problem with most of these is validating the source from. The latest rumor concerned Nintendo, however, comes from a source that provided accurate information on the entirety of the third wave of amiibo before they were revealed – as well as the newly announced Skylanders crossover featuring Bowser and Donkey Kong – which makes us inclined to report on it. With that said, take this report with a dump truck worth of salt.

Allegedly, Nintendo and Disney have made a tentative deal across a medley of mediums including games, movies, and interactive toys. Judging by the report, the deal (if legitimate) still isn’t inked, but it would likely result in a game where Mickey Mouse and Super Mario finally come face to face after all these years.

According to Spanish site RevoGamers, as reported by GoNintendo, the rumor states a number of details on the alleged deal between the two giants. First and foremost, it’ll pertain to compatibility between Nintendo’s incredibly successful toys-to-life amiibo toys and the ever popular Disney Infinity. Allegedly Disney wanted to have Mario appear in the upcoming Disney Infinity 3.0, but the deal is still ongoing – which would likely mean the character wouldn’t appear until the next iteration, if at all.

Given the new found precedence for having Nintendo work with existing companies on support for their titles rather than going head-to-head against them, seeing Mario appear in Disney Infinity doesn’t seem that farfetched. It would also make for a major selling point on Nintendo platforms when compared to other formats. Of course, the support for the game likely wouldn’t stop at just one iconic Nintendo mascot either.

Disney Infinity Star Wars - ToyBox Expansion Games Speedway

All that’s missing is Mario and his trademark kart.

Another portion of the deal would have Nintendo’s characters and IP eligible for films headed by Disney. The report specifically mentions Wreck-It Ralph 2 as a potential film for Nintendo’s characters to end up, which is a logical extension considering that Bowser appeared in the initial film. This would go against previous reports that Sony has secured the rights to an animated Super Mario Bros. film, although an official announcement on that front has yet to be made in any capacity.

Last, but not least, Disney is keen on seeing Mario and Mickey finally run into one another in a brand new video game featuring the duo. It’s said that Nintendo is open to the idea, but would want to remain firmly in charge of when and how this would happen. Understandably, it’s something that Nintendo does not want to rush, and would presumably take some back and forth with Disney to nail down.

The only thing that seems off about this report is the fact that Nintendo would sign a deal to have theme park attractions at Universal Studios instead of Disney theme parks. This could have been a deal made well in advance of these rumored Disney meetings, but one would think the company would want to lock up deals for attractions as part of the deal.

Once again, this is just a juicy rumor for fans of the Big N and the “House of Mouse” to ponder, but it sounds like the deal is far from closed if this is the case. Only time will tell if Nintendo has plans to pursue such a partnership, but the deal would almost certainly result in a match made in heaven for the companies.

Do you think there’s any truth to this rumor? Would you like to see Disney and Nintendo work together on future projects and films? Get at us in the comments.

Source: RevoGamers (via GoNintendo)